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Nourishing Communities,
Sustaining Lives

Holding Soil

Leading in Cassava Farming and By-Product Production

Our innovative by-products are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries. From food to feed and industrial applications, our by-products offer unique and sustainable solutions. With our range of innovative by-products, we aim to support and enhance the success of businesses across multiple sectors.

Diverse Product Range

Our diverse selection of high quality cassava-based offerings ensures that we can cater to your specific demands.

Farm land leasing

We invite local farmers to collaborate with us. We have farms available to let. Please contact for more details.

International Exporting

We invite collaboration with international clients to supply cassava byproducts for various uses across a multitude of industries. Please contact for more details.

Research and Development

From specialty ingredients to solutions for feed formulation and industrial applications, the range of options for our by-products meet the unique needs of different industries.

Green Recycle Symbol
Green Recycle Symbol

At Sarumoh Farms, sustainability is deeply ingrained in our operations as we prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience. We implement sustainable agricultural practices to minimize our ecological impact, including responsible land management, efficient water usage, and biodiversity preservation.


Through social responsibility initiatives, we empower local communities by providing training and fostering fair trade practices. Moreover, our commitment to economic resilience drives us to optimize production processes and seek market diversification. By integrating these principles, we aim to create a sustainable future that benefits the environment, society, and the economy.


Thriving Sustainably: Environment, Community, and Economic Resilience


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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